Monthly Transformational Subscription

Imagine what your life would be like if you could get a detailed assessment on your soul monthly?

You could transform you life in miraculous ways! 

Each month you will receive a very detailed report, in your email, all about your soul and how you can align to your soul purpose and soul traits, while living your best life possible. 

Option 1 - Soul matrix, Soul purpose & your Chakra Analysis reports

You will get: The Soul Purpose Report of your soul profile, blueprint and soul matrix.

The Soul Matrix Report will have you understand EXACTLY who you are at the soul level, understand the energy you soul is made out of and to the exact degrees. We will look at your soul matrix in how you are using them at the Mental, Emotional and Level of Action.

Are your thoughts, emotions and actions in Alignment with your soul and soul purpose?

You will also receive a detailed chakra analysis report, this will show you how balanced your chakras are at the physical, emotional, mental, and energetic level. Plus ways to balance them and what happens when they are imbalanced. 

Option 2- Soul matrix, soul purpose, chakra analysis & life lessons

You will get all of the first option, PLUS your life lessons report. Your life lesson report will explain the life lessons you are learning and how you can learn and overcome them faster, to live that abundance life of your dreams. 

Option 3 - Soul matrix, soul purpose, chakra analysis, life lessons & higher-self channeling

You will get all of the first 2 options, PLUS a detailed message from your higher self in alignment with all your reports, this will give you direct guidance in how you can transform your life quicker and work through healing your chakras and your life lessons. 

Option 4 - Soul matrix, soul purpose, chakra analysis, life lessons, higher-self channeling & Spirit Guide Coaching

You will get all of the above, plus this one includes a spirit guide coaching, you will learn exactly who your spirit guides are, their names, their purpose and role in your life, how they contact you and what they have to say for guidance for the month. 

Option 5 - Soul matrix, soul purpose, chakra analysis, life lessons, higher-self channeling, Spirit Guide Coaching & Energetic Body Clearing

This last option gives you all of the above PLUS an energetic body clearing, I will do a reiki and energy healing session and once done you will get a detailed report of what was found and what was able to be removed energetically from you so you can live a life of no pain. 

These monthly options are life changing and will show you how you can create the life you desire! Anything is possible when we tap into who we truly are and align to them fully!  Let’s live our best lives and enjoy it while we are here, sign up today and don’t miss out!  

Cancel at any time as well!

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