Soul Purpose Report

We go over your soul blueprint which you can leverage to create abundance!

Some things we go over is what energy your soul is made out of, soul group of origination, primary life lesson, manifesting rate, soul specializations, and more!

Once purchased, your report will land in your inbox in approximately 72 hours

IMPORTANT: I DO NOT NOR WILL NOT complete these reports for any 3rd parties. I absolutely cannot read someone’s akashic records without permission! If you would like to book a report for another person they will need to book it themselves. For children under your care the akashics will allow the guardians permissions to allow access. You may book for children in your care, anyone else I require permission from them.

Soul Matrix Report

In this detailed report you will learn your exact soul matrix.

The souls matrix is different from person to person and this report will share your uniqueness with you.

You will learn all your energy centre's and how they are being expressed within your soul make-up.

After this report you will understand who you are soul level and how you can create any life you desire.

We look at how you are using your soul energies at the level of thoughts, emotions and actions, so you can align to your full soul and live your soul purpose.

Soul Blueprint Alignment

Our souls never forget our journeys through all the many incarnations we have had. Our souls also bring problems from past lives into our present incarnation. These problems can arise in all aspects of our lives and can relate to any problem we have. Our present life problems don’t always stem from past lives, and thats why this session is beneficial. We look at past and present life blocks and restrictions that is hindering you from manifesting the life you want.

Clearing these blocks and restrictions while learning the root cause can provide you with many transformations and your manifesting speed will increase, resulting in you living the life you truly desire!

We look at blocks and restrictions that are affecting your current life and issues you are facing. Homework and determination is required to optimal transformations. The results of this session is depending on the client and the clients determination for change.

Please note, this session should only be done every 6 months to a year

Child & Teen Soul Blueprint Alignment

Soul level issues happen to everyone, not just adults!

Children and Teens have a lot going on, making new choices, learning how to navigate life on earth, and so much more.

As adults we know how hard that is with what we already know, now imagine being a child again in this world. We always want our children to have the best lives, but how do we know what’s good for their souls? 

With this session you will learn who your child/teen is at soul level, their gifts, their reason for being created! When we know our child at soul level and understand what their soul needs to do to express their divinity, only then can we truly assist them in navigating this already scary world! 

With this session you will learn EXACTLY who your child is at soul level, every trait of their soul, their gifts they bring to the world so you can nurture and feed their souls. 

We then take an in depth look at your child's past and present life blocks and restrictions their subconscious is holding onto causing negative issues in their life. The practitioner will gather the information from the akashic records before the session.

We then clear all blocks and restrictions, the parent will be given 21 days clearing homework on behalf of the child.

Children do not need to present for the session, however ages 13 and up is recommended they sit in.

Property Clearing

Our properties/houses hold energy!

They hold all sorts of energy, good, bad and the meh energies!

During a property clearing all energies are neutralized and retoned to the vibrations of the owners/inhabitants.

Besides the energies, spirits can take up residence in our house, they're not necessarily bad, they were once alive like us.

They don’t always vibrationally align with us, however, and can create negative issues, we clear the unwanted spirits so they no longer impact your life!

The detailed report will be sent via email during the time booked, as well as confirmation of the clearing work

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