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Quanta-Verse & Akashic Healing

What is Quanta-Verse Healing?

Quanta-verse Healing is a holistic healing practice that combines quantum physics, energy medicine, and other modalities to bring healing to the body, mind and soul.

Our healing method focuses on more than just the physical body, we look at the energetic body as well. Your mental body also incorporates your emotional body and all four make up your soul! When we heal all three bodies (physical, energetic, mental, emotional), we heal the soul as well. They come together to create optimal performance for you. To heal our true self, we must first heal all layers.

Your mental body holds all thoughts, these thoughts affect your emotions, your emotions affect your physical body. A negative recurring thought (mental) of something traumatic can cause intense fear, anxiety or panic (emotional), this can then trigger your physical body.

You may develop hives, increased heart rate, raised temperature, hair loss, reoccurring sicknesses, chronic pain and other damaging physical symptoms. Eventually the soul will keep replaying these into other areas of your life and trigger the same responses.

Our subconscious mind is a powerful force, and it can affect our lives in ways we may not even realize. For example, if we have a trauma from a past life, our subconscious will keep replaying the same negative emotions in all situations in this current life that resemble

the trauma from our past life. The more we live in that state of negative emotions or thoughts, the more situations we attract that are similar to our trauma from our past life. This creates a never ending vicious cycle where we tend to attract more situations that resemble the one that caused us pain in the first place.

We can go to therapy for years without much help, only to discover that we couldn't find the root cause of these negative emotions—until now! We must remember our past lives. In the quanta-verse, we access all past and present lives and heal at the body, soul and mind level by dealing with the root causes of these traumas.

The quanta-verse has endless healing abilities; we can even heal future events by seeing all future paths and closing those which bring us pain or suffering while following those which bring us closer towards our highest path and purpose. The quanta-verse holds everything imaginable.

The quanta-verse is a dimension in which when trained anyone can access. It’s all already around us, we just need to know how to see these dimensions.

Once we do, anything is possible and you can heal in miraculous ways!

Imagine being able to spend an hour up in heaven, or a forest, or back at grandma's house with your lost loved ones! Or imagine being able to walk through the great pyramids of Egypt without leaving your house! All this IS possible in the quanta-verse!

What is Quanta-Verse Healing?

Quanta-verse Healing is a holistic practice combining quantum physics and energy medicine to heal the body, mind, and soul.

We address the physical, energetic, mental, and emotional bodies to achieve true healing.

Negative thoughts can affect your emotions and physical health. Our method identifies and heals the root causes of trauma, including past life issues, breaking the cycle of recurring negative patterns.

In the Quanta-Verse, we access past and present lives to heal deeply, even influencing future paths for a better life.

This dimension, accessible with training, offers miraculous healing and transformative experiences.

Imagine visiting heaven, a forest, or the pyramids without leaving home.

All this is possible in the quanta-verse.

Quanta-Verse & Akashic Healing

  • Soul Purpose Report

  • Soul Matrix Report

  • Soul Blueprint Alignment

  • Children & Teens Blueprint Alignment

  • Property Clearing

Energy Healing

  • 1 Hour In person or Virtual - you choose what works best!

Monthly Reports

  • Soul matrix, soul profile & chakra reports

  • Soul matrix, profile, chakras, & life lessons

  • Soul matrix, profile, chakras, life lessons, & higher-self channelling

  • Soul matrix, profile, chakras, life lessons, higher-self channeling, & spirit guide coaching

  • Soul matrix, profile, chakras, life lessons, higher-self channeling, spirit guide coaching & energetic body clearing

1:1 Coaching

  • Intensive Spiritual Development Program

  • Manifesting Mastery: Rewrite Your Life

  • 6-Week Energy Healing Program

Group Coaching

  • Coming Soon

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Rachael Marie


I started working with Reese with my Akashic Records, and although I had already had my records read it didn't click like it did with Reese. Somehow this was so much more structured and in depth, and I loved that she made me feel like everything was totally normal and nothing out of the blue, it was somehow soothing to my ego.

I loved that she left me homework, it was totally unexpected but I started to realize exactly how much in control of my own life and destiny I really was, it was the most empowering thing ever. I got hooked on working with her because it was so transformative but I knew that was only the surface.

When she announced her 8 week program that was going to be nothing less than “life changing” I immediately jumped onboard. She warned me lol that I needed to be committed and to show up for myself, and I was craving change so badly that I knew this was for me. I was sick and tired of who I was and being stuck and unaligned all the time.

Reese took me from being someone who was full of self doubt, obsessed with finding my purpose, feeling lost and confused and without a path to really finding myself, my purpose, my talents, strengths and weaknesses. To connect with my intuition, meeting my higher self, my guides, working with my energy centers, and my soul blueprint. I got rid of old programs, and unaligned mindsets that I had been holding on to for years thinking that was my identity.

It was hard work, it challenged me, but she made it feel like it was the most do-able thing ever. She guided me step by step and was there to answer ALL and I mean ALL of my questions. She didn't hold my hand, she guided me to finding my inner power again and understanding myself in a way that no other system I had ever studied before had shown me (referring to natal charts, human design, gene keys, chinese zodiac, ayurveda.)

I really feel like I know who I am now, how I work, what drives me, what I need to do to light that internal fire in me, my missions, I feel solid, centered, grounded, and most of all WHOLE. I feel like I am a better mom, entrepreneur, daughter, and woman than I was when I started working with her.

It really is life changing to work with her, and if you are thinking about it, and you are ready to give it your all, and move through the challenges…there is a huge rainbow waiting for you on the other side. And probably a pot of gold too 😉

-Antonina, Quantum Flow Practitioner

Featured on Life to Afterlife series

Reese (transformational expert) was featured on life to afterlife series, a spiritual docuseries on healing and the awakening! You can watch Reese in parts 2-3-4 were she goes over all the details of the akashic records and how they are a key factor to her work as a transformational expert.

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"Working with Reese....welll has been....life changing "

Rachael Marie


Don't Miss out on your 15% OFF

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Live your soul purpose and achieve the impossible!

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